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Lesson Transcript

Hey, everybody! What’s up? I’m Henrik from GermanPod101.com, and welcome to a new episode. I got some really cool stuff going on today. I’m gonna tell you about the top 10 sightseeing spots in Germany. So whenever you come around, make sure you hit those spots.
1. Allianz Arena “Allianz Arena”
Können sie mir bitte sagen wo die Allianz Arena sich befindet?
Können sie mir bitte sagen wo die Allianz Arena sich befindet?
“Could you tell me where the Allianz Arena is located?”
The Allianz Arena, that’s the stadium of football club Bayern-Munich and I know many people would disagree with me out there, but that’s really not the coolest club. So, better watch out for Weserstadion located... that’s the one from Werder Bremen, much better team.
2. Brandenburger Tor “Brandenburg Gate”
Das Brandenburger Tor ist eine Sehenswürdigkeit in Berlin.
Das Brandenburger Tor ist eine Sehenswürdigkeit in Berlin.
“The Brandenburg Gate is a sightseeing spot in Berlin.”
Yep! Very famous one. I would guess, probably, the most famous German sightseeing spot, this huge gate, like right in the middle of Berlin. Very cool, it’s close by many other sightseeing spots, so, once you go to Berlin, really make sure you check that out. It’s also where the Berlin wall used to go along, so it’s a cool one.
3. Europapark “Europa-Park”
Europapark or mainly “Europa Park”
Im Europapark kann man alleine oder mit der Familie viel Spass haben.
Im Europapark kann man alleine oder mit der Familie viel Spass haben.
“In the Europa-Park, you can have lots of fun alone or with your family.”
Yeah, to be really honest, I’ve never really been there. So see, also, shame on me. I’m showing you some sightseeing spots I never really know about, but I’ve heard about it. It’s supposed to be very cool.
4. Kölner Dom “Cologne Cathedral”
Der Kölner Dom ist einfach atemberaubend.
Der Kölner Dom ist einfach atemberaubend.
“The Cologne Cathedral is simply stunning.”
That’s true. Fun fact about the Cologne Cathedral; at one point in history, I think about 1600 something, it was the tallest building in the entire world. Yeah, it’s a very cool building, like it pops out of the Cologne silhouette. If you are in Cologne, you can almost see it from everywhere. It’s a cool place to go. Unfortunately, it’s almost always covered in some construction things because they always have to keep it in good shape, but it’s a cool place.
5. Oktoberfest “Oktoberfest”
Beim Oktoberfest sollte man unbedingt Weißbier probieren.
Beim Oktoberfest sollte man unbedingt Weißbier probieren.
“During Oktoberfest, you should definitely try Weissbier.”
Yeah, who hasn’t heard about Oktoberfest? One of the coolest things Germany has to offer, I would say, right in the heart of Munich, every September only. So, I don’t know why it’s not called Septemberfest. Yeah, I wouldn’t go for the Weissbier. It’s more the helles, so cold like the… yeah, some kind of German lager widely drink there, but yeah, you have this huge 1 liter max and everybody gets very happy after a few of those. It’s a cool thing. If you haven’t checked that out, that should be on your to-do list offline for something very particular. It’s a lot of fun. You meet random people from all over the world, that one weekend. It’s even close to Italy on weekends, so if you’re from Italy, maybe that’s the one you should check out. But yeah, Oktoberfest, good stuff, if you like beer. If you’re not really into all that party stuff, then don’t go check out Oktoberfest. Also, it’s not really a sightseeing spot, it’s more like a festival over 4 weeks, maybe 3 weeks, I think 3 weeks. But yeah, if you are up for that, go to Bavaria or go to Munich.
6. Reichstag “Reichstag”
Die Architektur des Reichstags ist einfach atemberaubend.
Die Architektur des Reichstags ist einfach atemberaubend.
“The architecture of the Reichstag is simply stunning.”
It’s also pretty cool. It’s close to Brandenburg Gate. As I said previously, like some of the big sites of Berlin are very close to each other, so you could just walk there and, I don’t know, probably 3-minute footwork. You can also go in and book a tour and go up in the top, in this glass ceiling and then you would look down to where all the politician sits every day doing politician stuff. Cool place to check out, Berlin again.
7. Rothenburg ob der Tauber “Rothenburg ob der Tauber”
Rothenburg ob der Tauber ist eine weitgehend erhaltene mittelalterliche Stadt.
Rothenburg ob der Tauber ist eine weitgehend erhaltene mittelalterliche Stadt.
“Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a largely preserved, medieval town.”
Yeah, again, shame on me, one of those I haven’t been to yet, but my parents went there just, I don’t know, one or two years ago. They really like it. It’s something special that we have here in many European countries, but also, especially, in Germany that you have a lot of medieval towns that are well preserved. So, if you are into all of this old stuff, that’s a place you should check out. Rothenburg ob der Tauber, what a weird name for a city, isn’t it? Even in Germany, I don’t think that’s normal. No idea who came up with that. It’s probably some medieval old dude who didn’t know what to name his city, I guess.
8. Schloss Sanssouci “Sanssouci castle”
Schloss Sanssouci ist ein Sommerschloss.
Schloss Sanssouci ist ein Sommerschloss.
“Sanssouci Castle is a summer castle.”
Also, one of those places I actually have never been. It’s very close to Berlin, a bit west, so, yeah, if you wanna like walk away through this list, we already have three sites very close to each other. My parents went, they said it’s also a very nice place. They have lots of gardens. You can walk in the gardens. So, good thing to do with your family also. I think it’s very similar to the Castle of Versailles in France. Of course, this one is a bit more famous, probably a bit bigger, but from the style, it’s kind of what you have in Versailles. So, but yeah, make sure to come in summer. As I said, it’s a summer castle, so not so cool to be there on a rainy day, I’d say.
9. Starnberger See “Lake Starnberg”
Der Starnberger See ist ein See in Bayern.
Der Starnberger See ist ein See in Bayern.
“Lake Starnberg is a lake in Bavaria.”
Did I actually tell you, I recently moved to Bavaria, right into the heart of Munich? So, that’s one of the places I really wanna check out. I guess it’s very beautiful, a bit south of Munich, and on your way right to Italia, cool place to hang out there. I think I love the fancy houses next to the lake. All the Posh people of Munich might live there. Yeah, if you like nature stuff or, I don’t know, fishing there or something, then that’s definitely one of the sites you should check out.
10. Nürnberger Christkindlesmarkt “Nuremberg Christmas Market”
Der Nürnberger Christkindlesmarkt ist eine der schönsten Weihnachtsmärke in ganz Deutschland.
“The Nuremberg Christmas Market is one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany.”
Yeah, true. Personally of course, I’m very proud of the Christmas market of my hometown. So, we have this Christmas forest and there is like a square. Every winter, they chop some trees and put them there like this christmas trees and then if you go in, it really feels like in a forest and you get some mulled hot wine there. But yeah, for sure, Nuremberg Christmas Market is also pretty cool. A thing you could only check out in winter. Don’t go in summer to Nuremberg and think you will have the Christmas market, okay? It usually starts, probably, by the end of November or early December. You know when Christmas time is.
Anyways, that’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed the lesson. I hope you’ll get excited about seeing some of the sightseeing I told you about. Many of them I’ve seen. Many of them are really cool. Others, I still have to check out myself. See you then!