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Lesson Transcript

Hey! What’s up everybody? I’m Henrik. Welcome to the new episode of GermanPod101.com. Today, I have a very cool lesson for you, very interesting, very important. I’ll teach you top 10 phrases you’ll need to go on a date. So, if you’ve ever thought on maybe going out on a date with a German, this might be very interesting stuff for you. Let’s go!
1. Möchtest du mit mir Abendessen gehen?
“Would you like to go out to dinner with me?”
So yeah, classic question for a first date. If you’re not sure what you wannna do with the person, really just spend time with her, getting to talk to someone about each other, that’s the classic going out for dinner.
So you can ask…
“Hey, would you like to go to dinner with me?”
Möchtest du mit mir Abendessen gehen?
The most classic question, probably, for a first date, huh?
2. Hast du dieses Wochenende Zeit?
“Are you free this weekend?”
So, after you finish your first date, probably, and it’s been nice, you can go a step forward and ask, hey, let’s meet this weekend, I don’t know, do some fun activity out in the woods or go shopping, whatever. But first, you need to know, is this person free on the weekend?
So, you should ask…
“Hey, are you free this weekend?”
Hast du dieses Wochenende Zeit?
3. Möchtest du mit mir Zeit verbringen?
“Would you like to hang out with me?”
Yeah, this is just really general, also probably, if you don’t know the person as well as much and you just want to go out with him. Is this person interested in hanging out with me?
You could ask…
You wanna spend time with me?
Möchtest du mit mir Zeit verbringen?
Or if you want to make it sound a little bit more slangy, you should ask…
Möchtest du mit mir abhängen?
But, really literally, “You wanna hang out with me?”
Abhängen is “hang out.” So, yeah, either way, the more classy is like…
Möchtest du mit mir Zeit verbringen?
Or just like a little bit more cool…
Hey! Möchtest du mit mir abhängen?
It probably depends on the age. If you’re… Rather, in your 30s, 40s, upwards, you would probably ask for some “time,” Zeit. Whereas, when you’re a teenager, just very cool, say…
Möchtest du mit mir abhängen?
4. Du bist so süß.
“You are so cute.”
It’s a nice compliment, or if like, you’re dating, having a date with a cute person, I don’t know, you’re really having fun, then you can just like, let it slip, oh my gosh, you’re so cute, like, oh, du bist so süß. It’s nice. It works almost for boy to girl, girl to boy, both can be cute.
5. Du siehst gut aus.
“You look great.”
Yeah, this is what you say when you meet a person to go on a date and, probably, this person will dress up a little bit, like put some make-up on, put a high heels on, like in the Sia song, right? And then yeah, to appreciate all the effort the person does to look pretty, just give them a compliment…
Hey, wow! You look great.
Du siehst gut aus.
They will appreciate it.
6. Das war ein toller Abend.
“That was a great evening.”
Das war ein toller Abend.
“That was a great night.”
Apparently, you don’t say this in the beginning of the evening, you say it in the end of the evening and if you enjoyed your time, just let the person know. I always like to see that people enjoyed the time with me when I’m on a date or when I only just spend with friends and then in the end, I say, “Well, that was a cool night” and everybody then say, “Hey, cool, we had a good time.” So, why not just saying it.
7. Ich werde dich nach Hause fahren.
“I will drive you home.”
Yeah, if you’re a gentleman, you should do this or a gentle lady. If you’re the driver for the night, just offer, yeah, to bring them home. Germany is a safe country, so we have nice public transports, but of course, if you’re on a date, you want to show her, hey, well, I’m a gentleman or I’m a nice lady, I’ll drive you home, I’ll drive you home to make it easier for you.
8. Wann sollen wir uns morgen treffen?
“What time shall we meet tomorrow?”
Yeah, apparently, if you already set up a date, but you don’t know what time you’re gonna meet or where you wanna go, wherever, then, just to clarify, you ask a question, “Hey, what time do we meet tomorrow?” I’m probably going to ask this very often because I’m not so good in remembering dates, times, all this kind of stuff disappears from my memory, so I’ll use this sentence a lot…
Wann treffen wir uns zur welcher Zeit?
"What time shall we meet?"
9. Können wir uns wiedersehen?
“Can I see you again?”
Also yeah, if you like the date, if you like the person, you want to see her again, just be polite, hey, können wir uns wiedersehen? You can ask it in a cute way and then the person probably can't even say no to you.
10. Was hälst du von diesem Ort?
“What do you think of this place?”
Yeah, if you’ve found a… if you’ve found a nice spot, then suggest, “Hey, let’s stay here.” For example, in my city where it’s like a little bit in the mountainous area, yeah I know, we’ve seen Austrian people who would disagree because it’s like not huge mountain, it’s more like hill. But anyways, if you go a little bit up a hill then there is a nice spot where you can oversee the entire city, that’s why many people would take their dates. So, you could make it seem, just like casually say, “Oh hey, what do you think about this place?” Not like planned long time, even though probably the person will appreciate if you have put a little bit of thought in where you go. So, yeah, it’s nice to ask your date if she likes the place you took here or him, whatever you prefer.
That’s it, already the end. I mean you noticed the sentences we use in Germany are basically the same that I use in America or at least in English-speaking countries, just translated. We don’t have fully, a lot of different habits of how we ask to go on a date, so this should be easy for you. Just find a German girl or boy, a German boy or a German girl, find one, use those phrases and I bet you will have some success to go on a date. I hope you enjoyed the lesson. Leave some comments. Let me know about your experiences on dates with Germans. Maybe, you could use some of the sentences. I’ll see you in the next lesson. Ciao-ciao!