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Lesson Transcript

Hi! Welcome to German Top Words. My name is Alisa and today’s topic is 10 phrases for bad students. Yeah, I hope you are none of them, but yeah, let’s get started!
1. aufschieben “procrastinate”
Ich muss auch zugeben, dass ich manchmal bestimmte Sachen aufschiebe. “I have to admit that sometimes some things I procrastinate as well.”
Yeah, I think when you have a goal in mind, it’s best to just do it right away instead of maybe saying, oh I’ll do it next week or tomorrow. Even if it’s just studying for like 10 minutes or something or 20 a day, it makes a big difference.
2. bei einem Test mogeln “to cheat on a test”
Es hilft einen selber eh nicht, wenn man bei einem Test mogelt. “It doesn't help you anyways if you cheat on a test.”
Well, I think if you really want to learn something or if you really study, you actually don’t even need to cheat because it’s all in your head. Oh my God, I sounded like a mom, don’t cheat!
3. die Klasse nicht bestehen “(to) fail a class”
Es gibt einige Studenten die die Klasse nicht bestehen. “There are a few students who fail a class.”
And which is okay. I mean sometimes, yeah, you studied hard for another class or you just simply weren’t interested and then you just have to take it again. Maybe it’s even a good thing and always stay positive.
4. keine Hausaufgaben machen “to not do homework”
Ich muss zugeben, dass ich auch paar mal meine Hausaufgaben vergessen habe. “I have to admit that I also didn't do homework sometimes.”
Yes, so, my mom actually always told me to do my homework right away after school before I can go out play or just see my friends. So that’s how I grew up and, yeah, I think that’s a good way to just not forget about it.
5. schikanieren “to bully”
Es ist nie gut jemanden zu schikanieren. “It is never good to bully another person.”
6. schwänzen “to skip class”
Manchmal hatte ich auch einfach Lust, mal eine Klasse zu schwänzen. “Sometimes, I was almost gonna skip some classes.”
Well, you know, we always have our favorite classes and not. Yeah, sometimes, it’s okay to think about these things. I think it’s normal and it’s very human, but try not to skip class.
7. nicht die Regeln befolgen “to not follow rules”
Ich finde manchmal ist es aber gut nicht die Regeln zu befolgen. Yeah so what I meant with “Sometimes, I think it's good not to follow rules” is follow rules and don’t hurt anybody, but like languages, of course, there are rules, but there’s also something that cannot be explained. Yeah, just say what you instantly mean because that’s what native speakers do.
8. Plagiat “plagiarism”
Plagiate sind nie ein gutes Zeichen und bringen dich nicht weiter. “Plagiarism is never a good sign or a way, and at the end, it won't bring you forward in anything.”
And I think that’s something we all learned at school anyways and it’s called Fußnote “footnote” where you have a certain area in an essay to put the books or the authors you used in your essay.
9. Schwänzer “truant”
Ich glaube das ein Schwänzer es nie weit bringt. “I believe that a truant never makes it far in life.”
10. faul “lazy”
Es ist wichtig eine Balance zu haben, also glaube ich schon das es O.K. ist an manchen Tagen faul zu sein. “I think you need a balance in your life, so it is okay to be lazy sometimes.”
I think that’s important and we need that to be motivated.
That’s a good way to end the lesson. Thank you for watching the 10 phrases for bad students. I hope you’re not one of them, but I would love to know if one of the words you learned actually applied to you or maybe you skipped class one time. Let me know in the comments about your experiences and don’t forget to subscribe. I hope to see you soon! Bye!
Because, yeah, just be free.


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Hi Glenn,

The word has many different versions in

ancient German, but the meaning back then was "to stray" or "to move

back and forth". Only later (end of the 19th century) did people start using

it in the sense of skipping school.

@ Linda

Good question! Why exactly the German language

developed in that way, I am not sure myself. But you could

use the word "versagen" if you slightly change the sentence:

"Er versagte in der Schule." Of course, the meaning is slightly different,

meaning "He was not very successful in school." (Sometimes said about


Thank you.

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Ein seltsames Thema für mich.

Why would you not use versagen (eine Klasse versagen)?


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Schwanzer - is the root of that word "tail"? Makes sense in a funny way😀🤣

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