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Lesson Transcript

Welcome to German Top Words. Today’s topic is 10 German Foods.
1. Apfelstrudel “Apple strudel”
Der Apfelstrudel ist einer meiner Lieblingskuchen. “The apple strudel is one of my favorite cakes.”
2. Bratwürste mit Kartoffelbrei “Bratwurst with mashed potato”
When you think of Germany, that’s maybe one of the first things that comes out.
Bratwurst mit Kartoffelbrei und Bier. So “Bratwurst with mashed potato and beer.”
If you are visiting Germany, I think that’s a must have.
3. Bretzel “Pretzel”
There’s a lot of beer festivals. It’s usually with beer and pretzel.
4. Currywurst “Curried sausage”
Currywurst gibt es normalerweise an jeder Straßenecke. “Curried sausage is normally sold at every street corner.”
So if you’re in the city shopping and you get hungry, you should try a curried sausage.
5. Kartoffelknödel “Potato dumpling”
Ich liebe Kartoffelknödel. “I love potato dumpling.”
It’s really good and I think it’s very German too. I don’t know why, but I think most Germans eat it on the Sunday.
6. Kassler “Kassler”
Kassler isst man normalerweile mit Sauerkraut. “Kassler is usually eaten with sauerkraut.”
Kassler is very specific to South Germany. If you travel to South Germany and you cannot eat anymore Bratwurste or sausage, you should try Kassler.
7. Sauerkraut “Sauerkraut”
Es gibt viele verschiedene Arten von Sauerkraut. “There are a lot of different types of sauerkraut.”
Some of them are actually white and then there’s others that are purple. It’s very good for your body and very healthy.
8. Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte “Black Forest cake”
Die Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte ist einer der berühmtesten Kuchen aus Deutschland. “The Black Forest cake is one of the most famous cakes in Germany.”
They use really big and yummy cherries so if you have a chance to eat it, definitely eat it.
9. Schweinebraten “Roast pork”
Man isst gerne Schweinebraten zum Oktoberfest. “People like to eat roast pork for Oktoberfest.”
Schweinebraten is something from South Germany. If you have a chance to go to Bavaria, you should definitely try Schweinebraten “Roast pork”.
10. Weißwurst “White sausage”
White sausage is good with beer. So this is another typical food from the Oktoberfest. A lot of people eat the pretzel with a white sausage and beer. It’s typical and very famous for Bavaria.
Thank you for watching 10 German foods. Don’t forget to subscribe and I hope to see you soon! Bye!


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Which food do you like the most?

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thank you for the lesson transcript

my favorite food is "Bretzel “Pretzel”