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Lesson Transcript

Hello! Welcome to the 10 New Year’s Resolutions. My name is Alisa, and let’s start!
1. abnehmen “lose weight”
This is a very common one I think, abnehmen “lose weight”. That’s I think everybody’s New Year’s Resolution either if it’s a girl or a guy. It’s a very common New Year’s Resolution. I think it’s always one of mine too.
Zum abnehmen ist es wichtig das man Sport treibt. “In order to lose weight, it's important to work out.”
2. etwas neues lernen “learn something new”
I like this one a lot. It can be anything. I mean it can be learning a new music instrument. It can be learning a new language. It can be anything, maybe something you want to challenge yourself in so I really like this one.
3. Geld sparen “save money”
Ich finde es ist besser wenn man ein Ziel hat um Geld zu sparen. “I think it's better if you have a goal to save money.” Like going in the summer holidays, on vacations, I’m going to save up for that or I want to have a car so I’m going to save up for that or something that you really look forward to so I think saving up is going to be like a fun thing because you look forward to your goal, kind of. Well, I’m saving up for vacation actually.
4. mehr lesen “read more”
Ich lese sehr gerne und nehme mir auch immer vor mehr zu lesen. “I actually love to read, but I always want to read more.”
Yeah, one of my favorite German books is called Sofies verden. It’s called Sophie’s World. I don’t know if that’s the English title but it’s like Sofies Verden. It’s actually about philosophy and about this little girl. She gets letters from an unknown person and that unknown person talks about the philosophy of the world. I think it’s a very cute book and it kind of simplifies philosophy and I think you should read it. I recommend it.
5. mehr zeit mit der Familie verbringen “spend more time with family”
Ich verbringe sehr gerne Zeit mit meiner Familie. “I actually love to spend time with my family.”
Yeah, if you don’t spend a lot of time with your family, that’s definitely a good resolution for the New Year.
6. mich gesund ernähren “eat healthy”
Ich versuche immer mich gesund zu ernähren. “I try to eat healthy all the time.”
I think it’s very important and part of, I guess, my life, and I’m really interested in cooking and to eat healthy. Yeah, I think that’s very important.
7. regelmäßig Sport treiben “exercise regularly”
I think it’s good for your health and overall well-being to exercise so that was one of my resolutions as well.
8. weniger trinken “drink less”
Wait, I want to drink actually. I think it’s okay to have like a few wines or something for dinner. But yes, if you drink every day, of course, that’s a problem so that should be your New Year’s Resolution.
9. Deutsch lernen mit GermanPod101.com “studying German with GermanPod101.com”
You should be studying German with GermanPod101.com. If you are not already, you should and you can watch videos with me and have fun and, yeah, go crazy and I’m a little crazy. But it’s all fun and I’m not always like this guys. Yeah, I can be actually really quiet too if you don’t believe me, but it’s true.
10. Netter sein “be more friendly”
I think that’s a good New Year’s Resolution. I think with a lot of work, people get really frustrated so people are not as kind anymore so I think it’s a good resolution to be more friendly and kind.
Thank you for watching the 10 New Year’s Resolutions. Yep, don’t forget to subscribe. Let me know what is your New Year’s Resolution and is it something you do every year or do you actually accomplish it? Let me know in the comments, and see you soon. Bye!