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Lesson Transcript

Hi, my name is Alisa. Welcome to 10 reasons to learn German.
1. Es ist eine schöne Sprache. "It's a beautiful language."
I'm sure that's one of the reasons why you are learning German as well.
2. Ich lebe in dem Land, wo die Sprache gesprochen wird. "I live in the country that speaks the language."
If you come to Germany and want to learn German and study German, I mean, since you are in Germany, it would be of course easier to get around, even in the supermarket or just different kind of things like getting on the bus, on the train, and finding your way, it's all in German, so it's a good reason to learn German.
3. Ich lerne die Sprache, um jemanden damit zu beeindrucken. "I'm learning the language to impress someone."
To be honest, I don't think that's a good reason because you should impress yourself, we should do it for yourself, not for anybody, and it's your own challenge, and you know, I always have these little challenges, I do and if I overcome then I'm happy.
4. Ich liebe die Kultur und Menschen die diese Sprache sprechen. "I love the culture and the people who speak the language."
Well who doesn't love German, right? And Germany, It's a beautiful country, people are really friendly and nice, and if you have questions they will always help you.
5. Ich liebe es einfach Sprachen zu lernen. "I just love learning languages."
Yes, some people are really talented with languages and they want to learn more, they enjoyed studying different languages.
6. Ich liebe es zu reisen. "I love traveling."
Yeah! I think that's very important actually, when you travel you should definitely know a little bit of the language of the country you're traveling to. I just think it's nice to know the basics if you travel to Germany. Germans, mostly of course speak english, but I think they're also happy to see if somebody is kind of really trying and just puts a smile on their faces.
7. Ich möchte meine Lieblingssongs, Filme und TV-Sendungen verstehen. "I want to understand my favorite songs, movies, and tv shows."
The younger generation is really getting into movies, especially in Berlin, and there's a lot of movies and drama and TV shows, and of course in order to understand, I think it's important to to learn German, it's also a good way to learn German, I think, if you are learning German, to watch the movies and TV shows in German.
8. Ich möchte meinen Horizont erweitern und internationaler werden. "I want to open my mind and become more international."
I think this is my favorite reason, I think too that it's so important to and be aware of the whole world, the different cultures we have, and you know, become more international person, and I think if you learn a language you also kind of learn a lot about the culture and the the way people live, and if you want to open up your mind more and your way of thinking, I think it's very important to learn a new language.
9. Ich möchte mich gerne mit der Familie meines Partners auf ihrer Sprache unterhalten. "I want to speak to my partner's family in their language."
You might be dating a German and your but you're from another country so you of course you get interested in the culture and the language. I think that's normal, and in order to speak with their family or you know spent time on certain holidays it's important to know their language, and if that's a reason let me know, I’m curious if you would maybe dating a German and that's why you're actually studying German.
10. Meine Familie kommt aus der Umgebung wo die Sprache gesprochen wird. "My family comes from a place where the language is spoken."
If some friends who are part German but they grew up in the states, maybe, and they don't know any German, so they're interested in the country and culture, so that's the reason why they study German.
What is your reason for studying German? I would love to know, maybe it's another totally different reason or maybe it was one of the reasons that I just stated. Let me know, I'm curious! And hope to see you soon, and don't forget to subscribe! Bye!