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Lesson Transcript

Hello, my name is Alisa. Welcome to top 10 break-up lines.
1. Du hast etwas Besseres verdient. "You deserve better."
I really think I did this.
2. Es liegt nicht an dir, es liegt an mir. "It's not you, it's me."
If you hear this, just smile and go, I think that's my best advice.
3. Ich bin einfach nicht bereit für diese Art von Beziehung. "I am not just ready for this kind of relationship."
Yeah, we're young, we want to travel, we want to see the world, there's so much to see, so I think some people really, you know, can't commit to a relationship.
4. Ich bin nicht gut genug für dich. "I am not good enough for you."
Well obviously if somebody says that I would say, like, you know what, yeah you are not good enough for me. Who says that, you know?
5. Ich denke, es geht zu schnell. "I think we are moving too fast."
Maybe sometimes it's too fast for some people, they're together for two weeks, they move in after two weeks, they get married after two weeks, who knows.
6. Ich muss mich auf meine Karriere konzentrieren. "I need to focus on my career."
In Germany, especially there's so many opportunities to work abroad and live abroad and maybe if you're in an international company, you get moved to other countries. So I think it's very hard to be in a relationship. Of course nowadays with all these new media I think it's easy to the long-distance relationship, but I mean some people can do that and it's okay too.
7. Lass uns einfach Freunde sein. "Let's just be friends."
I always believe in having good relationships with everybody, you don't have to fight, but this is something you can also save somebody, maybe fell in love with you, and you don’t, so you can say that let's just be friends.
8. Wir sind einfach nicht richtig füreinander. "We are just not right for each other."
Sometimes that happens, you have other values in life or you want different things in life, and so you break up, it's normal.
9. Wir sollten anfangen, uns mit anderen Leuten zu treffen. "We should start seeing other people."
If somebody tells you that, I don't know, I mean it depends on your personality, I guess, but I think it's just an excuse.
10. Ich liebe dich einfach nicht mehr. "I just don't love you anymore."
This is a little sad to hear actually, I think I would be very hurt if somebody would tell me this, but again it’s life, you have to move on, and if somebody tells you that, that's their decision, you can do anything about it.
Thank you for watching the top 10 break-up lines. Maybe you have tips on how to overcome breakups? What do you do? Maybe you just go on a trip, you know, there's different people, so everybody reacts differently. Let me know and don't forget to subscribe! See you soon!