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Lesson Transcript

Hi, it's Alisa! Welcome to the Top 10 phrases to Amaze Native Speakers, let's begin!
1. Außer Deutsch kann ich auch ein paar andere Sprachen sprechen. "Apart from knowing German I can speak a few other languages as well."
I'm curious to know what other languages you can speak, or you're actually learning besides from German.
2. Danke, aber ich bin eigentlich kein Muttersprachler. "Thank you, but I am not a native speaker actually."
That is an answer if somebody thinks you're actually German or you talk like a German native speaker. That's a big compliment, I think.
3. Deutsch macht Spaß und einfach zu lernen. "German is fun and easy to learn."
Of course, that's something I would love to hear. If something is fun, it gets easy; so if you're enjoying German I think you're being in a good mood and then it gets easy because you're actually wanting to learn.
4. Ich habe alles genau verstanden, was du gesagt hast. "I completely understood what you said."
I think that's something really nice, if somebody's still learning German and you talk to them like you're talking to a
native speaker and they tell you, wow, I really understood everything, that's something, that's a big compliment, but it's also a big compliment for you because it means that you understood everything.
5. Ich habe nur ein Jahr gebraucht, um fließend zu werden. "It took me only one year to become fluent."
If you've become fluent in a year that's amazing.
6. Ich kann deutsche Filme ohne Untertitel gucken. "I can watch movies without subtitles."
I always suggest to watch movies without subtitles, because even if you don't understand it's very visual and you can use your imagination.
7. Ich kann rund fünfzig neue deutsche Wörter pro Tag auswendig werden. "I can memorize fifty new German words a day."
That is amazing! I mean 50 new German words! Everyday learning new German words it's going to help you to become fluent.
8. Ich lerne ganz alleine Deutsch. "I am learning German all by myself."
I mean, I think I would be a little sad if you said that to me because I hope you learn with me, but of course, it's a very great thing if you can learn on your own a language and study.
9. Ich lerne seit zehn Jahren Deutsch. "I have been learning German for ten years."
Many people give up, maybe, but in 10 years you can learn so much German. Let me know how long have you been learning German.
10. In drei Jahren werde ich Deutsch wie ein Muttersprachler sprechen. "I'll speak German like a native in three years."
I always think it's good to set goals because I really think if you work hard for them you’ll make it. So what is your goal in learning German, have you set any goals? leave me in the comments.
Thank you for watching the 10 phrases to Amaze Native Speakers, I hope to see you soon, and don't forget to subscribe. Bye!