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Lesson Transcript

Hello, it's Alisa. Welcome to top 10 phrases that make you look like a fool. Let's begin!
1. Du bist nicht sehr intelligent. "You are not very smart."
That's not a nice thing to say, I think, but you know what, that makes the other person look like a fool. Whoever says that to you don't ever agree, or you know, take it to heart.
2. Du wirst niemals Erfolg haben. "You will never succeed."
People should never say that.
3. Es ist zu schwer. Versuche es nicht einmal. "It's hard. Don't even try."
Ok i'm here to tell you try! Try whatever you want to do, because I think you’ll always make it.
4. Ich bin noch nicht bereit Deutsch zu lernen. "I am not ready to learn German."
I mean when are you ready, you know, when are you ready for whatever? I always think do it now. Start now, it's the journey.
5. Ich brauche nicht Ihre Beratung. "I don't need your advice."
We've all said that to our parents probably, who wanted to just give us good advice.
6. Ich brauche nichts mehr zu lernen. "I don't need to learn anything anymore."
Our whole life is a learning experience, there's never an ending, I think we always have to be open to learn and just take it in.
7. Ich habe recht und Sie nicht. "I am right and you are wrong."
Now you know that can be said in different ways, but yes, so you know, If you're stubborn person like me and you say that a lot.
8. Ich weiß alles. "I know everything."
Now that's not possible, I’m here to tell you that you can never possibly know everything, I mean we people don't know everything, so always be open.
9. Tue nur das, was ich sage. "Just do what I say."
Now that's not a nice thing to say either, the only time I think it's right if you have a genie, actually, and you have three wishes. Well if of course it was dangerous or if it's something that maybe risk other people's lives or your life, obviously, that's something to listen to.
10. Wir können das nicht tun. "We can't do that."
If it's something you really aspired to do, I think nobody should ever tell you that, because you should always follow your dreams.
Thank you for watching the 10 phrases that make you look like a fool. Please don't forget to subscribe and I hope to see you soon. Bye!