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Lesson Transcript

Hello! It's Alisa! Welcome to 10 phrases you never want to hear, let's begin!
1. Es liegt nicht an dir. Es liegt an mir. "It is not you. It is me."
So it's something we don't want to hear.
2. Haben Sie in der letzten Zeit zugenommen? "Have you gained weight recently?"
Yeah, so to all guys out there, don't ever ask that to a girl cause it's not nice, I mean if your friends and you want to be honest, of course you can ask that, but I would be sad and mad.
3. Ich habe es Ihnen doch gesagt. "I told you so."
Yes! Oh my god! I hear that a lot of times, I told you so. It's so, it's not a nice thing to say. I think especially your friends if, I think they should never say that because they're supposed to be there for you and not say “I told you so”, and because it's your journey you know everything you do, remember that.
4. Ich kann dir dein Geld heute nicht geben. "I don’t have your money today."
Yes, so money issues are I think always a little awkward, so yeah. But if your employee says that, no! If the employee says that, no no no!
5. Sie haben ein graues Haar. "You have a grey hair."
Yes, at least it's grey, not white, I guess. Because having grey is still good, I think. So I feel like these things is mostly guys saying to girls, so don't ever say that, it's not nice.
6. Sie sind gefeuert. "You are fired."
That's not very nice thing to say either, I guess, whoever says that has their reasons. In German also the word feuert “fire” is in the word gefeuert, always find it interesting to kind of compare what is in the word and if it's similar to English.
7. Sorry, ich habe es vergessen. "Sorry I forgot."
I actually say that a lot, because I do forget a lot. So I say that and people don't like that.
8. Vielen Dank für Ihren Lebenslauf. Die Stelle wurde allerdings bereits anderweitig besetzt. "Thank you for your resume. However the position has been filled."
Yes, I mean whoever has experience with applying and applying and applying, of course you'll hear that sometimes and it's okay, I think, because I just need to do, it wasn't meant to be and you can move on. So don't get discouraged if you hear this or read it, and it's okay, and even though we don't want to hear it, always be positive.
9. Wir müssen reden. "We need to talk."
It's something very serious, sometimes when you talk about it, it just feels better because there was some misunderstanding. So try to be positive.
10. Wir sollten uns auch mit anderen Leuten treffen. "We should see other people."
Well, if you're in a relationship and your partner says that, I don't think it's very nice because, you know, it means that he or she or whatever is not very committed to you. So yes, so just…
Thank you for watching 10 phrases you never want to hear. What are some of the phrases that you've been told that you didn't want to hear, if you know them in German I would love to hear them in German. And please don't forget to subscribe and I hope to see you soon, bye!
my motto in life is if you have nothing good to say, don't say it at all!