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Wednesday at 12:10 AM
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Vielen Dank!

Monday at 08:31 AM
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EIne Klimaanlage is not only used for cooling in Germany. Especially in cars were it also serves as a heater.

We do not use Klimaanlagen in houses or flats most of them are used in the industry or in planes, trains, buses and such.

I think it's only in the video because this video is made for all the sister sites as well and in other countries they do use them.

btw. your sentence is troubling me. I'd rephrase it like that:

Ich wusste nicht, dass es in Deutschland Klimaanlagen gibt. Ich dachte, dass es nicht heiรŸ genug wรคre um diese zu brauchen :)

Monday at 07:19 AM
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Ich wuรŸte nicht, daรŸ Deutschland Klimaanlage hatte. Ich dachte, daรŸ es nicht heiรŸ genug war, die zu brauchen.

(I didn't know Germany had air conditioning. I thought it was not hot enough to need it.)

Friday at 09:13 PM
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in addition to das Fernsehen, the device is called der Fernseher

And even though der Computer is the term most people use there is also the German word der Rechner, which comes closer to the origin of word computer (to compute = rechnen)