GermanPod101 All About Curriculum 

In this set of 15 lessons, you will learn all about German society and culture. These lessons are entirely in English and are for those who want to learn more about the German language and in-depth information about the country.

  Title/Topic Function Summary
#1 Why You Should Learn German Understanding the United States and the German language the Top Five Reasons to Learn German
Background of the German Language
About Germany
Where Is German Spoken?
Why is it Important?
#2 Understanding the German Writing System Understanding the German Writing System the German Writing System
#3 We Make It Easy to Learn Basic German Grammar! Understanding the characteristics of German Grammar Basic German Grammar
#4 How Do You Pronounce Those German Letters with the Dots? Understanding the characteristics of German Pronunciation Basic German Pronunciation
Sounds and Syllables
#5 Top Five Must-Know German Phrases Using the top 5 must-know phrases in German the Top Five Must-Know German Phrases
1. Guten Tag ("Good day," "Hello")
2. Entschuldigung. ("Excuse me." "I'm sorry.")
3. Bitte. Danke. ("Please." "Thanks.")
4. Das verstehe ich nicht. "I don't understand this."
5. Ich weiß nicht. ("I don't know.")
#6 Quiz: 5 Things You Have to Know about Germany. Test Your Knowledge of German. Testing yourself on Germany Testing Your Knowledge of German and Germany
I. Geography
II. Pop Culture
III. Travel Question
IV. Economic Question
V. Debunking a Myth About Germany
#7 German Cuisine Talking about famous dishes German Cuisine
Table Etiquette
Regional Dishes
Popular Dishes
Seasonal Dishes
Top Five Foods to Try in Germany
Top Five Foods for the Brave
#8 Top Five Things You Need to Know About German Society! Understanding daily life and society in the Germany Major Cities and How they Work
Work Culture and Economy
Generational Trends
#9 Important Dates: Top Five Important German Holidays During the Calendar Year Understanding important holidays the Top Five Most Important Holidays in Germany
#5 - Tag der Arbeit ("Labor Day")
#4 - Tag der deutschen Einheit ("German Unity Day")
#3 - Ostern ("Easter")
#2 - Silvester ("New Year’s Eve")
#1 - Weihnachten ("Christmas")
#10 German Pop Culture Talking about German pop culture the Top Five Things You Need to Know about German Pop Culture
Popular Music
Popular Movies
Popular Television
Famous Germans
Popular Sports Figures
#11 Top 5 Tools for Learning German Using the top 5 most useful tools to help you learn German the Top Five Useful Tools for Learning German
I. Babylon
II. Voca: Free Online Vocabulary Trainer
III. LEO/ – Free Online Dictionaries
IV. Social Networking Services (MySpace, Facebook, MeinVZ)
#12 Top 5 Classroom Phrases in German Using German phrases useful for the classroom the Top 5 Classroom Phrases in German
I. "Please repeat after me."/"Please say it."
II. "Please look."
III. "Please read it (aloud)."
IV. "Please write it down."
V. "Do you understand?"
#13 Top 5 Phrases Your Teacher Will Never Teach You Using German phrases you won't learn in the classroom Some Very Common German Expressions You Might Not Learn From a German Teacher
I. Cool
II. Idiot
III. Nee, ne!
IV. vol
lII. krass
III. Auf keinsten
IV. Geil
#14 Top 5 Tips for Avoiding Common Mistakes in German Avoiding five language mistakes when learning German to Offer Tips to Help Students Overcome Common Errors That Learners of German Make.
Tip #1: Think German!
Tip #2: The Thing with Sie and Du – Watch your Politeness Level!
Tip #3: Watch Your Case!
#15 Top Five Favorite Phrases from the GermanPod Hosts Using the hosts' favorite German phrases the Top Five Phrases from the GermanPod Hosts
Phrase One: Gesundheit! ("Bless you")
Phrase Two: Wo wir gerade davon sprechen ("Now that you mention it…")
Phrase Three: Ist gut./Ist in Ordnung. ("It's okay/good.")
Phrase Four: In der Tat ("Indeed")
Phrase Five: Für’s erste… ("For now"/"In the meantime")