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THE RULES - read first!

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THE RULES - read first!

Postby Sprachprofi » March 10th, 2008 8:07 pm

Welcome to the forum! I hope you will enjoy your stay. In order to make this forum fun for everybody, please follow a few basic rules.

1. Don't do evil! Don't hack, spam, flood or troll the forum. If you are found breaking this most important rule, you will be immediately banned without appeal.

2. Be civil. This is a place to help each other learn German, not to insult or offend people. Edit or remove your post if it is offensive, or the moderators will do it for you. If you inadvertantly offended somebody, apologize.

3. Be nice. In order to maintain a friendly atmosphere here, please try to find something nice and encouraging to say to any member who is courageous enough to post in German.

4. Heated discussions - it is okay to discuss politics, but only in the "News and Politics" subforum and only if the discussion remains civilized. If you can't discuss politics without attacking people personally, you will lose access to the "News and Politics" subforum.

5. URLs and advertising - do not post affiliate links and do not post links or recommendations for any other language-learning products except in the "Resources & Reviews" forum, otherwise your post will be removed.

6. Language - at this point, please don't post in any language other than English or German. Preferably post in both languages; this will also be good practise for you and your readers.

7. Correct language - avoid writing incorrect English or street English, because some Germans may want to practise English here while helping you learn German. Needless to say that native Germans should avoid posting in incorrect German.

8. Double-posting - please post your message in one place only.

9. CAPS - use capital letters sparingly as many people will interpret them as shouting.
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