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Newest Lessons

Survival Phrases #18 - Currency

Survival Phrases
Learn German travel phrases with GermanPod101.com! A little German can go such a long way! Whether you’re traveling, visiting, or sightseeing, GermanPod101.com has all the essential travel phrases just for you! Today we cover a high frequency German phrase sure to be of use on your trip, travels or vacation to Germany. On your vacation in Germany, you can look forward to eating German food, enjoying German traditional entertainment, and shopping. Unfortunately, money will be essential to all of these, so you’ll need to listen to today’s podcast. Be sure to stop by GermanPod101.com and leave us a post!

Advanced Audio Blog #20 - Elections in Germany

Advanced Audio Blog 1
Even in Germany the media are full of news about the American elections, but what about elections in Germany? The next federal election is coming up in 2009, with some smaller elections in-between, so it can't hurt to learn some basics about the German democracy already. By the way, if you ever wondered what issues Germans debate about in a German election (not nearly the same as in the states!) or which German party would best reflect your beliefs, try the Wahl-O-Mat. It's an independent, well-researched site that will ask you questions about important campaign issues and match your answers with those of German party leaders and party programs. They do this for every major German election, not just the federal level, with the hope of increasing participation in the elections.

Beginner Lesson # 20 - About that dog…

Beginner Season 1
Welcome back to GermanPod101.com. Today we celebrate our twentieth Beginner Lesson. Meaning: we already covered more than four month worth of learning German. Can you believe that? So Judith wanted us to celebrate with particularly many really useful German words and of course a new grammar topic: dürfen which means may. It behaves just like wollen, können and müssen. Therefore it will be really easy for you. Also, we will learn which cheap way Michaelas neighbor uses to get out of the conversation. And we will cover the philosophy behind German living rooms and why 1.000 Euro of damages are likelier than you may think.

Intermediate Lesson #6 - Kein Zurück - Wolfsheim

Intermediate Season 1
Wolfsheim makes alternative music in German. Their title "Kein Zurück" is a pensive song, the perfect outset to explore the German mindset a bit more in this lesson, and give you valuable tips for your vacation in Germany, all while learning more important German grammar and vocabulary. Listen to an excerpt of today's song at Amazon.com. Americans can also buy a legal mp3 of the full song right there; international visitors will have to go to 7digital instead.

Newbie Lesson #20 - Düsseldorf Arc - Girl talk

Newbie Season 1
You've been asked out on a date. You're excited, and not quite sure what to do. This calls for a talk with your best friend. Don't know how to do that in German? Listen to this lesson! Aside from listening in on Lena, we will learn a lot of useful German vocabulary, we will discuss ways of forming the plural in German and just what drives Germans crazy about foreign food.