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Newest Lessons

Advanced Audio Blog #9 - Die Eisenbahn (the railway)

Advanced Audio Blog 1
Trains are FAST in Germany. They are often the fastest way to travel within Germany. However, if you want to avoid a catastrophe, you better learn a bit about the German railway system first, before boarding. The system may be confusing to foreign travelers to Germany, if you don't know how it works.

Beginner #9 - The Weather

Beginner Season 1
If you don't want to risk facing severe weather conditions in less than optimal clothing, you have to know how to talk about the weather in German. Besides, the weather is also a nice small-talk topic for when you are tongue-tied in face of beauty. And there's a lot of beauty in Germany. Join John on his explorations with GermanPod101! GermanPod101 teaches you the real thing: authentic modern German as you will hear it all across Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This lesson will focus on the German future tense and on vocabulary related to the weather, though of course you will also just build your ability to have a conversation in German. To get the full dosis of real German, be sure to study the accompanying PDF and the exercises in the Learning Center as well!

Newbie Lesson #9 - Düsseldorf Arc - Agreeing on a time

Newbie Season 1
Once your German-speaking partner has agreed to go out with you, you have to set a time. This will prove difficult if you don't know the German words for the hours, half hours and so on, so this lesson will teach you how to tell the time in German. Don't miss this!

Survival Phrases #6 - Where is the Bathroom?

Survival Phrases
Learn German travel phrases with GermanPod101.com! A little German can go such a long way! Whether you’re traveling, visiting, or sightseeing, today's essential travel phrase is just for you! Today we cover a high frequency German phrase sure to be of use on your trip, travels or vacation to Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Today we will be learning how to ask “Where is the bathroom?” in German! Be sure to stop by GermanPod101.com before you set out on your trip to Germany, and be sure to leave us a post!

Advanced Audio Blog #8 - Düsseldorf

Advanced Audio Blog 1
Ever wondered what Michaela's city is like? This German audio blog for advanced learners will cover it in-depth, and you will also learn some useful new vocabulary on the side. On your next trip to Germany, don't miss out on Düsseldorf!