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News #120 - The One Lesson This Year You Don’t Want to Miss From GermanPod101

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Video Culture Class: German Holidays #11 - Labor Day

Video Culture Class: German Holidays
Learn more about German culture with GermanPod101.com! Ever wondered what the most important German holidays are, and how they are celebrated? Then this 25-lesson video series is for you! With this series, you'll learn the what, why, when and how of 25 well-known holidays in Germany. In this video, you'll learn all about Labor Day in Germany and how it's celebrated, from food to decorations, while building your German vocabulary. Join Jennifer for a dose of German culture! Visit us at GermanPod101.com, where you will find many more fantastic German audio and video lessons and learning resources! Leave us a message while you're there!

Survival Phrases #55 - Be On Time with this German Phrase

Throwback Thursday
Learn German travel phrases with GermanPod101.com! A little German can go such a long way! Whether you’re traveling, visiting, or sightseeing, GermanPod101.com has all the essential travel phrases just for you! Today we cover high frequency German phrases sure to be of use on your trip, travels or vacation to Germany. No matter where you are, you will always have some place to be! We’re going to introduce you crucial phrases when asking for the time and telling the time in German. We’ll also repeat the numbers from a previous lesson. So, let’s not waste time and check out today’s lesson!

Culture Class: Essential German Vocabulary #21 - Modes of transportation

Culture Class: Essential German Vocabulary
Learn German with GermanPod101.com! What vocabulary do you need to know to have a conversation with German-speaking locals? You'll learn all this and more in this Culture Class: Essential German Vocabulary series! Vocabulary is essential to mastering German. In this 25-lesson series, you'll learn the *most* essential German words related to culture and daily life. These words have been hand picked by our German native speakers and cover topics like popular German dishes, national holidays and cities.In this lesson, you will learn about widely used Transportation in Germany. Visit us at GermanPod101.com, where you will find German lesson notes and many more fantastic lessons and learning resources! Leave us a message while you are there!

News #119 - We’re Thanking You For Learning German With Us In 29 Different Ways

The amount of people choosing to learn German, setting goals, and learning despite whatever distraction life throws at them… is very, very small. It’s very easy to do nothing. That’s why this Thanksgiving, we’re thankful for being surrounded by passionate language learners like you. As a way of saying thank you, we’d like to celebrate you, the listener, for tuning in and being a part of the Innovative Language family. Tune in to find out find about our gift to you and and how to save 30% on Basic & Premium! Visit our Thank You Page for a FREE video lesson!