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Lesson Transcript

Chuck: This is Advanced Focus Lesson 2.
Judith: Willkommen!
Chuck: This is already the second of these special lessons and again we will help you understand the German prefix.
Judith: This will allow you to quickly expand your vocabulary and also improve the confidence with which you’ll use these words. But, didn’t we forget something?
Chuck: Forget what?
Judith: [Wir sollten Deutsch sprechen]!
Chuck: The stamp. If you find it difficult to follow when we speak German, go to back to www.GermanPod101.com, study more lessons and work with the review tracks.
Judith: The review tracks really force you to activate your German.
Chuck: [Also weiter auf Deutsch]!
Judith: [Heute gucken wir uns die Vorsilbe “an” an].
Chuck: That’s funny.
Judith: The prefix [an] is our topic today.
Chuck: [Das ist eine sich abspaltende Vorsilbe, oder]? This prefix is one of those that split off.
Judith: Yeah. [Zum Beispiel “ankommen” bildet: Ich komme an, Du kommst an, u.s.w.]
Chuck: [Also was bedeutet diese Vorsilbe]?
Judith: [Es gibt mehrere Bedeutungsfelder, das erste ist ein “sich annähern”].
Chuck: A sense of approaching or getting closer to something.
Judith: [Zum Beispiel “ansehen”].
Chuck: “To look at”. And what is coming closer can it reattach itself.
Judith: [Wie in “Anbau”].
Chuck: “An extinction to a building”.
Judith: [Oder auch “annähen”].
Chuck: “To attach something by sewing”.
Judith: [Die meisten Wörter beziehen sich jedoch auf eine Person, die diese Aktion erdulden muss].
Chuck: Somebody who has to suffer this action.
Judith: [anbellen].
Chuck: “To bark at”.
Judith: [anbeten]
Chuck: Well, [beten] is “to pray” and [anbeten] is “to pray to somebody”, to adore him.
Judith: [anklagen]
Chuck: [klagen] is “to complain”, and [anklagen] is “to complain about a particular person” that is to accuse him.
Judith: [anerkennen] is “to know”, [erkennen] is “to recognize” and [anerkennen] is “to recognize something publicly to somebody” that is to acknowledge.
Chuck: Doesn’t all start to make sense now? [Ich mag auch das Wort angreifen, greifen] is “to grab” and [angreifen] is “to grab something that isn’t yours” that is to attack.
Judith: [Das stimmt]!
Chuck: So, I hope that you’ll attack German vocabulary with a fever now and learn many new useful words with [an].
Judith: [Die Vorsilbe kommt wirklich oft vor und sie wird euch helfen]!
Chuck: [Ihr könnt jetzt auf] GermanPod101.com [gehen und dort Vokabeln üben]!
Judith: [Sehr gute Idee, Chuck]! The word bank is [toll]!
Chuck: So, see you there!
Judith: [Bis nächstes Mal]!


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