Long Time, No See in Germany

Learn an important German preposition and what to do when trying to make friends in Germany

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Intermediate Lesson S2 #1 - New in Germany

Intermediate Season 2
The Intermediate Series is back. Not only will you meet Mike - who has just arrived by plane and intends to stay in Germany for a while - we will also cover basic directions and German supermarkets. We will also give you a small wrap up of the German you learned in earlier lessons and which parts of it will be handy in this new series. So not only is this the start of a brand new story arc, for which you can be the first to listen, it is also the perfect opportunity to test how far your German progressed already and maybe to brush it up a little.

Intermediate Lesson S2 #2 - You Thought This was a Vacation?

Intermediate Season 2
Mike is back with some beer. Everything seems to be set for a nice evening, but will things really go as planned? Beside the question what kinds of problems one can face when living with someone else, we are also going to cover how to talk about night time activities, about Soccer - one of Germans dearest passive passtimes -  and about a very small but very useful word called "zu".
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Intermediate Lesson S2 #3 - I’m so tired!

Intermediate Season 2
Sometimes it is hard to motivate yourself to enjoy your stay abroad, when the jet lag is making it hard to concentrate. In such a situation you will probably need the tips we are going to provide today. Or you need a really good friend, who drags you around, no matter how much you protest. If Mike knows how to battle his jet lag? And what will he do when he finally stands up? And what is this "wollen" everyone is talking about?

Intermediate Lesson S2 #4 - I Would Like to Be a Surfing Teacher!

Intermediate Season 2
Do you know how to talk about your hopes and dreams in German? Or about what you definitely don't want to become? In this lesson, Mike and his German friend are discussing career prospects, since Mike will have to find work in Germany. This lesson's grammar topic is the German equivalent of the conditional tense, the Konjunktiv. It is quite easy and it will allow you to express yourself so much better in German. Don't miss this!

Intermediate S2 #5 - Writing a CV (resumé) I

Intermediate Season 2
Of cause, traveling and seing new countries is fun, but living abroad is a whole different adventure. If you want to stay somewhere with any kind of permanence, you will not only need a place to stay, but also a way to provide for yourself. In short: you will need a job. And for that you must know how to write a resumé. It might sound like a dull topic, but really, it is not. Every country has different guidelines what kind of informations are a must and which ones are completely unimportant. This lesson has not only practical value, you will also get to know what kind of personal data people are rather open about. And as Chuck is about to tell you: some of those questions are rather private... aren't they?