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Newest Lessons

Absolute Beginner S2 #13 - A German Multilingual Quiz

Absolute Beginner Season 2
Learn German with GermanPod101.com! Things sure can surprise you in Germany. You just found out your friend was from China but is American! And half of the Germans that you meet cannot speak English but have had schooling for it. How crazy is that? Thank goodness you have remembered the German language...otherwise you wouldn't be able to communicate at all! In this German Absolute Beginner lesson you will learn the correct way to pronounce the CH in German for all different types of words. In addition, you might be surprised at how much or how little Germans know the English language. Find out here! Visit us at GermanPod101.com, where you will find many more fantastic German lessons and learning resources! Leave us a message while you are there!

Accent Improvement #12: Philosophers and Horses in the Jungle of German Pronunciation

Accent Improvement
Have you listened to all the Accent Improvement lessons so far? If so, you shall know how to pronounce all German letters and all German consonant combinations after listening to this lesson! This means that you'll have all the knowledge you need to correctly pronounce every German word you see written! It's a worthy goal, isn't it? So tune in and complete your knowledge of German pronunciation! GermanPod101's Accent Improvement Series is the fastest, easiest and most fun way to learn how to pronounce German and to improve your German accent.

Accent Improvement #11 - Accent Improvement: Lispers unite! Sch, sp and st in German

Accent Improvement
Today, find out how to pronounce the German letter combinations SCH, SP and ST. We shall look at various situations - at the beginning a word, in the middle, at the end, after a prefix, and so on - and give you a detailed guide so that you can achieve perfect pronunciation even of words that you have never seen before. GermanPod101's Accent Improvement series is specifically designed to help you develop a native-like accent in German. Study German with GermanPod101 - it’s the fastest, easiest and most effective way of learning German online!

Accent Improvement #10: Let’s Rumble with L and R!

Accent Improvement
The German L and R sounds are among the hardest sounds to master for a native English speaker. Even for Americans who have lived in Germany for a long time, the R can be a dead give-away. All the more reason to dedicate an entire German lesson to them! We shall look at all the different ways to pronounce them and tell you the details that your German textbook forgot to mention. Study German with GermanPod101 - it's the fastest, easiest and most effective way of learning German online!

Pronunciation #9 - Accent Improvement: Queer Clowns Cheer Courageously

Accent Improvement
Do you know without a doubt how to pronounce the German letters C and QU in all situations? How'bout the CH at the beginning of words? Not entirely sure? This lesson will address your doubts. GermanPod101's Accent Improvement Series is all about mastering the trickier parts of German pronunciation. Learn how to sound just like a native!