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Basic Bootcamp #1 - Self Introduction/Basic Greetings in German
Learn German with! You just arrived in Germany. You take a deep breath of the crisp air, look around you, and get ready to embark on a new adventure! What brings you to Germany? Work? Vacation? Family? Or have you decided to grab life by the horns and study abroad at the German university? Regardless of the reason you have for being here in glorious Germany, at some point someone will greet you in German and maybe even introduce themselves to you! If you don’t think so, pay attention the next time you enter a store in your very own hometown! What do you hear when you enter the store? Exactly! You can come across as rude and walk away, or you can greet them right back in German with a hearty "Hello!" Just learning how to say this simple opening phrase in German can open many more doors for you while you travel in Germany! Learning German with is the most fun and effective way to learn German! This German Basic Bootcamp lesson will teach you how to say many common phrases in German that people use every day to introduce themselves! Learning these German introductory phrases could be the start of beautiful friendships in Germany! Visit us at where you will find many more fantastic German lessons and learning resources! Leave us a message while you are there!
News #138 - This Free Feature Is Your Non-Stop Source For Must-Know German Words
What do German people typically talk about? Easy answer: Whatever’s going on in their lives. Holidays, current events, weather, food and more. If you know the German words related to these topics, you’ll be able to handle any conversation that comes your way.Click here to get 29% OFF Basic or Premium at GermanPod101 In this Sunday News, we’re talking about the one FREE feature that teaches you the must-know vocab you’ll need for real life conversations. Plus, find out how to get a BIG 29% OFF our entire German learning system during our Summer Sale!
Advanced Audio Blog #11 - Michael Mittermeier
One of the most rewarding things to do in a foreign language is to listen to their comedians / satirists. Unfortunately, this is also one of the hardest things to do as a non-native speaker. Plays on words, comic usage of words in the wrong context and cultural references all require true mastery of a language. However, if you managed to achieve this level in German, you should definitely listen to Michael Mittermeier some time. He is really funny, and this audio blog is dedicated to him.
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Beginner Lesson S2 #15 - German Likes and Dislikes: I Don’t Like Soccer!
Learn German with! It's a nice, quiet night...perfect for cuddling on the couch and watching some German television together! But what are you going to watch? Your boyfriend has the remote and has been flipping through the channels for at least ten minutes. Finally, the flashing images (too fast for female eyes to see) come to a halt on...SOCCER?! You immediately demand in German, "I hate soccer!! Turn the channel!" Whimpering like a punished child, he cries in German, "But I LOVE soccer, honey...please?" Suddenly, not feeling so much in the cuddling mood, you scoot further away from your boyfriend and tell him in German, "I told you I hate soccer. It's like romantic movies and comedies." Acting for a moment as if he is going to stand up to you, he replies in German, "I would like one reason why I should turn the television." Angrily you explain in German, "Do you like me?!" Learning German with is the most fun and effective way to learn German! This German Beginner lesson will teach you how to say the German verb meaning, "to like." You can use this verb to discuss all the things you do and don't like in German! Finally, we will talk about the popularity of German soccer! Visit us at GermanPod101 where you will find many more fantastic German lessons and learning materials! Leave us a message while you are there!
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News #137 - Brand New German Lessons Start Tomorrow! Here’s How To Get Them For Free!
Do you want to speak and understand more German? You’ll need fun, fast, and easy lessons that get you speaking in minutes. In fact, 1,500+ new lessons are on the way!A new GermanPod101 season begins tomorrow, July 7th, 2014. Click here to get 20% OFF Premium & unlock unlimited GermanPod101 access!In this Sunday News, we’ll talk about our newest lessons and how you can get them for FREE. We’ll also teach you how to learn with lessons that are perfect for your level and guarantee your progress with the Dashboard.Looking for the New Lesson Schedule For GermanPod101?Click Here to See the New Lesson Schedule! Learn with GermanPod101 on the go on your Android, iPhone, iPad or Kindle Fire.Download the Innovative Language 101 App for FREE!