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Video S2 #17 - Would Your German Skills Help You Out of This Situation?!
Learn German with! You are walking through the streets of berlin, enjoying your time off from school and work, when suddenly, you hear crying and yelling just ahead. As you get closer, you see a German storeowner and a teenage boy screaming loudly at each other! The storeowner is very angry and throws his arms around in fury. You look around you for answers from the crowd…no one is helping in any way. Crying, the teenager sits at a nearby bench, moping. But the storeowner follows him and starts pushing him, yelling more loudly! You don't know what to do…but you feel you should do something. Pulling out your cell phone, you call the German police station – they can handle it. The dispatcher on the other end asks you in German, "I know you dislike what you hear, but please describe the scene for me so I can tell the police." You explain in German, "There is a teenage boy, crying and moping. I see a very angry storeowner, yelling and complaining. And there is a scared woman running away, clutching her child to protect him." Within minutes, the police arrive and have the situation under control. Looks like your German skills just helped make a very negative situation better. Learning German with is the most fun and effective way to learn German! This German Video Vocabulary lesson will teach you how to talk about negative emotions in German. In this German vocabulary video, you will learn German by watching the video, seeing both English and German translations describing the video, and all while listening to the German translations being read aloud by our native German speakers. Visit us at where you will find many more great German lessons and learning materials! Leave us a message while you are there!
News #164 - What do successful German learners do differently? Listen to these 3 crucial rules.
2015 is halfway through. 80% of learners that set a German learning resolution back in January have given up already. Then, there’s the 20% that will stick to their goals and succeed.Click here to get 6-Month Premium for $66 & exclusive Inner Circle access!What are they doing differently? And why do most learners fail their goals? This is exactly what our GermanPod101 Inner Circle Members learn and use to their advantage: the success strategies and tested methods for mastering German. In this Sunday News, you get a sneak peek at the Inner Circle and find out how you can get this exclusive newsletter during our 6-month Challenge.
News #162 - New App Update! Get The Newest German Lessons For Free No Matter Where You Are
Pop quiz!Did you know that every new GermanPod101 lesson is yours free? That’s right – all new lessons are open to everyone for 3 weeks! But here’s what’s new – you can now get the newest lessons on your mobile device, anywhere, anytime!Extended! Click here to get a Pretty Big 31% OFF Premium!In this Sunday News, you’ll learn all about a Pretty Big update to the Innovative Language 101 App for the Android, iPhone and iPad! This is one of our listeners’ favorite features, but it’s now mobile and that’s a pretty big deal. With this update, we’ve extended the 31% OFF discount one last time! Tune in and find out how you can take advantage.Click here to download Innovative Language 101 for the Android, iPhone and iPad!
Upper Intermediate #8 - What Do You Know About the Singing Hippo in Germany?
Learn German with! You have decided to play a German board game to relieve your boredom since the DVD player is not working. Picking out a game was easy, but now you have to teach your friend how to play it. You ask your friend in German, "What do you know about the singing hippo?" Your friend has never heard of the game before, and he laughs and replies, "Really? That's the game?" Your friend's laugh is contagious. It does have a funny name to it, but you got the game at the German board game fair and were told it was very popular. You'll soon find out. Learning German with is the most fun and effective way to learn German! This German Intermediate lesson covers forming the German present participle. And if you like to play board games, Germany is the place to be! You won't be bored with this German lesson! Visit us at GermanPod101 where you will find many more fantastic German lessons and learning materials! Leave us a message while you are there!
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Video Culture Class: German Holidays #18 - Volkstrauertag (German Memorial day)
Learn more about German culture with! Ever wondered what the most important holidays are, and how they are celebrated? Then this 25-lesson video series is for you! With this series, you'll learn the what, why, when and how of 25 well-known holidays in Germany. In this video, you'll learn all about German Memorial Day in Germany and how it's celebrated, from food to decorations, while building your German vocabulary. Join Jennifer for a dose of German culture! Visit us at, where you will find many more fantastic German audio and video lessons and learning resources! Leave us a message while you're there!