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Upper Intermediate #14 - Listen Up, Da Boss is Speaking German!
The mystery will be revealed... Your German boss called for a meeting of all employees in order to organize the company trip. As you heard from your German co-workers, Mr Müller has already purchased the tickets to a mystery destination, but what is it? The only thing you know about it is that it involves the smurfs... or maybe something blue? In this German lesson you will learn how to correctly create and use the da- words like daran, darauf, dafür and so on. Plus you will discover a lot of German idioms related to colors. GermanPod101 is helping you take your German to the next level!
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All About #9 - Important Dates: Top Five Important German Holidays During the Calendar Year
Learn German with GermanPod101.com! While in Germany, you realize that some holiday seasons are just like yours. Lucky for you, this year you get to spend your favorite holiday in Germany—Christmas! Because you love this holiday, you want to make sure your living quarters are decorated appropriately for the holiday season. You ask a friend in German, "Where can I find a Christmas tree?" He replies in German, "My family always walks right outside and gets one from the forest themselves, but I'm sure you can find one somewhere else instead." After thinking for a moment, he asks in German, "Would you like to come to my home for an authentic German Christmas and Bescherung?" Well, you're not sure what that is...but you have a feeling this year is going to be spectacular! What better way to spend the holidays in Germany than with friends and common traditions! Learning German with GermanPod101.com is the most fun and effective way to learn German. In this German All About lesson, you will learn about the five most-celebrated holidays in Germany and how they like to celebrate them. We'll give you the background knowledge on each of these German holidays too, so you can be prepared to celebrate while visiting Germany! Don't forget to bring the gifts! Visit us at GermanPod101.com, where you'll find more fantastic German lessons and learning materials. Leave us a message while you're there. 
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Intermediate Lesson S3 #7 - The German Telephone Job From Hell
  Learn German with GermanPod101.com! You are working your tail off on a work-study program in Germany. School is fun and you are learning a lot at the German university, but when you go to work, you are on the telephone for long periods of time and people really don't like being disturbed during dinnertime. Going to work seems to start off okay most days, but then it becomes frustrating. You make the first few calls, and if you are lucky, people won't hang up on you. Then, some people get irate with you, wondering why you are interrupting dinner. And to top it off, today you had five automated messages in a row, which just makes more paperwork for you to do. You finally get a live person on your sixth try and say in German, "Hello. I wanted to speak with the man of the house." The voice on the other end replies in German, "My dad has been gone for three hours. Call back later." You tell the child thank you, hang up, and become frustrated. You are never going to make commission if you can't speak to anyone! The next three calls don't work any better. You slam the phone down in the cradle as another German phone representative walks up to you and replies in German, "Has this been a rough day?" You start telling him everything that is wrong, venting in German, "I didn't know this was the German telephone job from hell!" Laughing, he explains in German, "Because you are new, they have given you an old German directory with outdated numbers. Just have to hang in there until someone new starts and then you will be given an updated version." Now it all makes sense...but it doesn't change your opinion about the job.   Learning German with GermanPod101.com is the most fun and effective way to learn German! This German Intermediate lesson will teach you the German preterite past tense of verbs and when to use them, opposed to the perfect past tense. We will also cover the three automated messages that you are likely to run into when dialing German numbers. Leave a message after the beep! Visit us at GermanPod101 where you will find many more fantastic German lessons and learning materials! Leave us a message while you are there!
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Upper Beginner #13 - German Festivals, Times and Places
You're in Munich, in front of the famous Olympic tower. It is quite tall, so you want to go up and enjoy the view from the top. Munich is an impressive German city to view from above. But first you have to buy a ticket to go up. As you buy your ticket in German, the cashier recommends coming back tomorrow, for a festival. Sure, you say, you'll be tomorrow back at the tower... umm... at the tower tomorrow back? Back at the tower tomorrow? This lesson will teach you about the German word order rules for adverbials. With GermanPod101, learning German is easy and fun.
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Upper Intermediate #13 - Cute German Actors Solving An Enigma
The Berlin office is buzzing with excitement. Everybody is scrambling to get information about the upcoming company outing. Mrs Schilling seems to know something, but she will only give vague hints about the smurfs. The smurfs? Or rather "not the smurfs". What is that supposed to mean? Join Frank and Mrs Bayer as they're trying to solve this German mystery. Also, learn about the correct usage of the German Conjunctives, type 1 and type 2, and about German actors. GermanPod101 is the easiest, fastest and most fun way to learn German!
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